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While most of Genealogy and Family History consists of fairly detailed research, some rather disappointing and some very exciting, there is another aspect - stories - Click on the images to read the story.

We are starting to add some media files - one is an interview with Tommye Leavell. And there's a link to a video clip of Uncle George at the Woodhouses get together in 2011 in the UK

Uncle George

Uncle George (Taylor) could be called a character, really! About 6 years ago he regaled us with some of the more humorous tales from his stint in the Royal Navy during the second World War - enjoy. There is also a link to a short video clip taken recently in England.

The Baker Family - A History

The Baker FamilyThis story is new, hot off the press you might say. Most of this information was discovered during conversations with a newly found second cousin Jeannette and Internet searching during July 2009 - we've only been looking for 9 years.

Gran's Story

This story was graciously contributed by an extended member of our family - Helen Cousins. She wrote of her Mother, or Gran as everyone came to call her, back in 2006 when her Mother passed away, it took a while before she felt it could be published. This story covers nearly 100 years, from Scotland through Egypt and Suffolk to 2006. It gives an incredible insight into 1920's life in Egypt and the 1930's onward in rural Suffolk. After you've read this you are welcome to use the contact page and we'll pass any messages on to Helen.

Some Other Stories

          Hardman Lane and early Mather Street Junior School

          Move to 54 Propps Hall Drive

          Scars and Karts

          Some of our pets

          Kim - King of Dogs

          Summer Holidays

          Dad - The Handy Man

More to come - watch this space


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