Welcome to our Family - Cousins & Sturdevant


Sadly we have to let everyone know that Uncle John passed peacefully in his sleep on Wednesday September 13th, 2017. He was the last of his generation, preceded in death by his siblings Bill, Jim, George and Jean.

The families and individuals on this site have taken over 16 years of research to put together. We hope that by putting it on the web it will attract some new leads.


There are some photographs on this site, but we don't own the rights to all of them. So if you want copies to use on your own site please check with us by using the contact page.

We decided to move some of the photographs to a more family oriented web site - if you want access, again, please contact us.

Conversation - Connie - We need to upload the tree again. Tony - We're not finished yet! Connie - We'll never be finished!!! 

Since starting this site we've had a section on the 'About Us' page titled "Searching in Vain" that title has changed - check it out.

It all started with Tony's Auntie Joan, who had a 'skeleton' family tree for the Franklin clan, written by her cousin Jesse Franklin on the back of a roll of wallpaper. The wallpaper was then photocopied onto 9 sheets of paper. Putting these sheets back together was like building a jigsaw puzzle without the picture on the box. But isn't that what genealogical research is?  You don't know what the whole picture is,  just keep on finding pieces that fit, or seem to fit. Sadly Auntie Joan is no longer with us - she died February 21st 2008.

Our primary research is on the following names and locations:

Cousins Suffolk, London and Lancashire England and Canada
Sturdevant Connecticut, Missouri and Texas USA
Taylor Rochdale, Lancashire England
Leavell Virginia, Kentucky and Texas USA
Franklin Wiltshire and West Ham England
Baker London, New York and Texas England and USA
Ingham Lancashire England
Boyd Guildford, Surrey England
Collier Wiltshire England
McClocklin Ontario, Illinois Canada and USA
Ashley Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas USA

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